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Stage 3

Last week, the hard work and creativity of Stage 3 was showcased at our Art Show. The students spent many hours working on their art and should be extremely proud of their creations! Below are just some of the work that was created by our stage 3 students.
Most of the artworks I put in 'The Scribbly Sculpture' are to do with things I love to draw - nature and landscape drawings. I prefer my artworks left in sketch, but I don't mind splashes of colour on one section of the drawing to finish it off. I like to do my art very detailed and I like plenty of time to spend on doing my drawings. I like to sit outside, look at what's in front of me and draw, draw, draw. 'The Scribbly Sculpture' is a collection of some of my favourite peices of art. Ella 5/6J - 'The Scribbly Sculpture'
This piece of art was named 'The Last Piece of the Puzzle' because it was my masterpiece and all the pieces fit together as one. In this artwork I have used contrasting colours and detail. I used colours like red, green, blue and yellow because they stand out when accented with a fine black outline. Also in my art, I have used detail to make my art interesting and add depth. Reuben 5/6J - 'The Last Piece of the Puzzle'

The reason why I chose this picture of Venice as the basis of my artwork is because it was different to the other ones I saw and it contained more colours and shapes. When we made our artworks it was a long and tiring process, especially the mosaic. The mosaic involved a lot of painting, cutting and gluing. I'm happy with the result of this 'masterpiece' and I'm sure everyone in the class feels the same about their own artwork! Makeely 6B - 'The Other Side of Venice'



Having great patience and persistence, I eventually finished over the many weeks using different techniques such as tracing, colouring, painting and mosaicing. I got my inspiration for 6B's Venice artworks from my own experience in Venice. My photo reminded me of the tall buildings I stayed in and the relaxing environment. My 'Gondola Under the Sunset' artwork was a great assignment. I thank Mr Baker for conntributing our class novel 'The Thief Lord' to our artworks. Our class has done an excellent job at finishing them. Lily 6B - 'Gondola Under the Sunset'


I'm in Year 6, so this artshow was my last one and the artwork I submitted was called, 'A Splash of Colour'. I chose this piece because I think it represents me. I called it 'A Splash of Colour' because I think that's what it looks like - splashes of pink and yellow all over the page. I used the yin and yang because it shows that in everything bad there is always a bit of good and in everything good, there is always a bit of bad. I've always loved to tie dye and I think this artwork has that effect. That's why I think it represents me. Of the four artshows that I have been involved in, this year's artshow would have to be my favourite and I'm happy with my artwork that I entered. Rather than having a set artwork, I had multiple to choose from and I was able to find one that represents me. Hallie 6G - "A Splash of Colour"



My artwork has been inspired by still life and abstract art put together to make one. The lead up to my artwork was to do a sketch of a still life and then to do an abstract picture for the background. I then had to do shading on the still life using the crosshatch technique (like a bunch of hashtags) then cut out your still ife and stick it on the abstract background. The artwork was lots of fun to do and I am very happy with the outcome. Katerina 6B - 'Abstract Feeling'


My artwork is a series of CDs that have been painted black and have had designs etched out of them. I chose these designs because I thought they looked really effective. To create my artwork, I painted some CDs black then lightly drew some designs onto the dry paint. I then etched out my design. Jameson 5P - 'CD Etchings'


While making our CD etchings, if we made a tiny mistake we would have to start all over again. I made three CDs and so did everybody else in the class. To scratch off the paint on the CD we used a compass. If we made a mistake, we would have to repaint the CD and start again. I chose my designs because I thought it would look nice with all different things happening and I wanted to make it effective. It took us a few weeks to make them, but it was worth the effort, because they look really effective. I always put a lot of effort into my artworks and try really hard. Rylee 5P - 'CD Etchings'


I used paper, crayons, water paints, textas and some pencils to create my little bird. I used these because I thought they would blend in nicely. I created swirls in the sky with crayons and then painted over it with blue paint, making the sky. Our collaborative artwork was a great success for 4/5F. Isabel 4/5F