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Please visit the Belair PS Library Blog if you would like to see what it happening in the library right now! This blog will have regular posts displaying library activities, ideas and thoughts about learning, literature and the library.

It also contains information about interesting literature and learning focussed activities available in the Newcastle area that you may be interested in for the benefit of your children.

Students using the library at Belair PS  Students using the library at lunchtime
Student Reading 

The Belair Library is looked after by Teacher Librarian Miss Nyssa Kelly


Monday - 6J, 3M, 1M

                                    Tuesday - 5P, 3H, 2PB, KCA, 2L, 4K

                                    Wednesday - 6G, KZ, K/1A, KM, 1S, 1B

                                    Thursday - 3/4F, 4BE, 2B, 5C, 5S

                                     Friday - Library Administration Day



All students at Belair are entitled to borrow books to take home for a period of two weeks

K-2 - recommend borrowing 2-3 books per week

3-6 - recommend borrowing 3-4 books per week

There is no definitive number of books that students in each grade can borrow - the decision is made on a student-by-student basis that depends on the individual students and their borrowing habits

Students from K-2 MUST have a library bag and students from 3-6 are strongly encouraged to have a library bag so that books are less likely to be damaged.

Library Bags are available for purchase at the school uniform shop for $8. Enviro bags and strong plastic bags from clothing and shoe stores also make great library bags.

Miss Kelly often has a stash of extra bags that she will give to students who have forgotten their library bag (as long as they don't have a lot of overdue books).

If books are not returned after two weeks students will receive an overdue notice asking them to return their books as soon as possible. These notices will continue until the book is returned. 

If a book is damaged beyond repair or misplaced we ask that parents contribute to the cost of a replacement copy so that the book can be borrowed and enjoyed by other students. The cost of books are included in overdue notices and can be paid at the office. If you have misplaced a book and need some time to look for it, that is fine. We ask that overdue fines are paid if a book has not been returned by the end of a school year.



Part of the role Miss Kelly plays as the Teacher Librarian is purchasing books for the library and then adding these books to the library catalogue so that they can be borrowed by students and teachers. 
Books are purchased through a variety of means. Belair Public School has a subscription to Australian Standing Order - this provides the school with a quality selection of picture books, chapter books and non-fiction books each month. The Standing Order also means that the school receives books nominated by the Children's Book Council of Australia for the CBCA Awards. Books are also purchased from local bookstores, book suppliers, online and at department stores. It is necessary for purchases to be made often to ensure that the library contains titles that are up-to-date and interesting to students. There is a suggestion box in the library where students can place suggestions for books they would like purchased. Miss Kelly uses these suggestions once a term to determine some of the purchases she makes. The library accepts and appreciates donation of books from the community. 
In the library there is a separate section that contains books for Stage 3 students. These books are classified as Young Adult and are labelled with a 'Stage 3' sticker and shelved separately to ensure that students are aware that they are only available to Stage 3. This decision was made to ensure that younger students do not have access to material that is not developmentally appropriate. If you have concerns about an item in our library collection please contact Miss Kelly, she is only to happy to address concerns. There are a small number of books in the library that are not loaned out to students until they have permission from their parent or guardians.



In 2016 the library began to use OLIVER as it's library operating system. This is an online catalogue system that allows students to access the library catalogue from their student portal. For students the system has a simpler, child-friendly format designed specifically for students. This is called ORBIT and can be seen in the images below. Students can access 'My Library' on ORBIT to see their current loans, renew books, look at their loan history, search for books and make reservations. Students can post book reviews that are then attached to these books and can be read by other students using the catalogue. 




At the core of the library is the goal to develop encourage students to develop a love of literature and passion for learning and thinking. All students who visit the library are exposed to literature in a variety of forms. They are read to and borrowing is always encouraged. The library is also focussed on giving students the opportunity to enhance their learning in a manner that differs from classroom learning. The library is a flexible and collaborative space and students are encouraged to work with others and learn to develop the skills and strategies to overcome issues in group work and to take on the responsibility of directing their own learning (to a degree).
For each grade there is a different focus or goal during library learning. 
Kindergarten - Students learn to use the library for borrowing and returning, they share stories and develop knowledge of literature, they become familiar with authors and their work, they learn to locate books in specific sections and understand the Non-Fiction Dewey Decimal System and they also begin to develop computer skills.
Year 1  and Year 2- Students revise knowledge and skills developed in Kindergarten and Year 1. Students engage in author and illustrator studies and become familiar with specific writing and illustration techniques. Students continue to develop their computer skills, explore the internet and learning about engaging with the online world safely and responsibly.
Term 1 - Students engage in Digital Citizenship lessons
Term 2 - Students begin Premiers Reading Challenge and learn to log on to the website and add their books. Students also develop technology skills, website evaluation skills and information literacy.
Term 3 - Book Week and Book Parade Celebrations. Students learn about CBCA shortlisted books.
Term 4 - Students continue to develop technology and information literacy skills
Year 3 and Year 4 - For students in Stage 2 there is a greater focus on developing critical and creative thinking and problem solving. There is also an emphasis on students' digital citizenship, website evaluation skills and information literacy (the ability to interpret and critically understand information of all forms) through inquiry or project based learning. The way these skills are taught is adjusted to complement the learning students are engaged with in the classroom. There is often a literature, science of social science focus to these inquiry tasks.  Often, library is also used as an opportunity to introduce students to new literature and tech tools.
Term 1 - Digital Citizenship and Website Evaluation Skills
Term 2 - Students begin Premiers Reading Challenge and engage in Inquiry Learning Task
Term 3 - Book Week Activities + Inquiry Learning Task
Term 4 - Inquiry Task with Literature Focus
*Please note: The library program is flexible and is often adjusted to meet the needs of school priorities and classroom learning.
Year 5 and Year 6 - For Stage 3 there is a similar focus to those taught in Stage 2. Stage 3 students are provided with opportunities to further develop their criticial and creative thinking skills through collaborative inquiry learning opportunities (similar to project based learning). In this stage there is a greater focus on students developing skills as independent, self-driven learners who have control over the direction their inquiry and research takes. Students in Stage 3 are still encouraged to borrow and literature remains a focus in all library lessons.
Term 1 - Digital Citizenship + Revisit Website Evaluation + Note taking skills
Term 2 - Students Begin Premiers Reading Challenge + Inquiry Learning Task
Term 3 - Book Week Activities + Inquiry Learning Task
Term 4 - Inquiry Task with Literature Focus
These are some instructions for digital tools used regularly in library lessons. The instructions outline how these can be accessed and utilised at home.



Library at Lunchtime

During the second half of every lunchtime the library is a hive of activity. Students visit the library to play with toys, read quietly, draw and colour, and use computers.

There is a roster for computers and each stage has a specific day that they are able to use the computers freely.

In Term 3 of 2016 there are plans to develop a more structured lunchtime program (Makerspace) that will include a:

Lego Club

Craft Club 

Book Club

Building Challenges, and more!

These will be 'Makey Lunchtimes'

The goal of developing these programs is to engage students in STEM focussed learning and allow them to develop creative and critical thinking through fun activities.



To ensure the library can provide students with up-to-date and enriching reading material and technology the library holds approximately two book fairs per year. Currently the Book Fair is in early Term 2 (usually coinciding with Grand Friends Day) and at the end of Term 3 (to coincide with Book Week). The Book Fair comes from Scholastic who provide us with books and stationary items. The school then takes a percentage from the overall profits made from sales (10%-20% according to the total sales amount).

In 2015 the money raised was used to purchase 4 laptops for the library and a number of new books. Funds from Book Fair have also purchased new books and assisted in the purchase of front facing shelves for our picture books.



In 2016 Book Week will be held from August 20th-26th.

The theme is 'Australia: Story Country.'

Book Week is celebrated in August each year. Book Week is a chance to celebrate reading and emphasise the importance of literature in education. 

In 2015 Belair held it's first Book Parade for a number of years. The Book Parade was an amazing event that will be repeated in 2016 and hopefully continue into the future!


Thing 1Puss in BootsBelair Teachers



action manHarry PotterstudentJoker

Here are some links to more information about Book Week and the CBCA Shortlisted Books for 2016:

Children's Book Council of Australia Shortlisted titles were announced 20 May, winners will be on 19 August.

Book Week, Australia: Story Country 20 - 26 August



Congratulations to the following students who have completed the PRC for 2016! They will receive their completion certificates from the NSW Premier at the end of the year and have their names printed in the Daily Telegraph








Elenor Peterson

Sofia Nicholson

Callan Peterson


Ana Nicholson

Eva Nicholson







Jacinta Patch







Imogen Young


If your child has not started reading for the PRC it's not too late to begin. From now until late August, students in Years K-6 may enter titles they have read onto their online record with the same username and password used at school to access their student portal.

Students will have time to complete the challenge during class time and to enter their books during library time.
Challenge rules and booklists can be found on the PRC website

IMPORTANT: If your child is new to the school this year and was previously enrolled in and completed the Challenge at a non-government NSW school, please contact our librarian PRC coordinator, Nyssa Kelly, so that your child's previous reading records can be transferred and counted towards their yearly PRC completion tally. Please also contact Nyssa Kelly if you have any questions regarding the PRC competition.